Choice of health care in our medical office or with mobile health service van.

Eliminates prolonged waiting time at urgent cares, loss of time and wages.


Promotes prevention or recovery with early treatment

Facilitates medical access right on site, at your own time and place, even at 7 am!.

Incorporates bilingual staff for greater understanding of exam procedures.


Do you need service at medical office, home, work site, community group, adult day care, or other congregation.


  • Asbestos medical and fit tests
  • respirator clearance certificate
  • Asbestos investigator part A&B
  • Osha B reader radiology report
  • Lead medical and laboratory surveillance
  • Hazmat / Polychlorinated biphenols (PCBs) / Silica.
  • EKG / Hearing / Vision
  • Work site sickness or injury
  • CDL exams
  • Teacher
  • School physical
  • Sports physicals
  • Immigration i693
  • Home health aid
  • Drug test
  • First responders
  • Police and fire fighters
  • College admission
  • Gynecology check ups
  • Adolescent health
  • Same day/next day clinic visit
  • Visit at home
  • Visit from home